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Cultural site of Ehrenburg Castle

Protect, maintain and restore

Friends of the Ehrenburg

The Freundeskreis der Ehrenburg e.V. or Friends of the Ehrenburg was founded in 1993. The association endeavours to preserve and manage the cultural site of Ehrenburg Castle. It is run entirely as a non-profitable, charitable organisation. The objectives of its statutes are primarily implemented in measures undertaken to protect, maintain and restore the listed buildings of Ehrenburg Castle and to promote cultural events appropriate to this heritage property.
Supporting members of the Friends of the Ehrenburg:

  • Receive regular information on the restoration of the castle, our events, research into the castle’s history and the archaeological reconstruction work being done to damaged and lost buildings.
  • Have the chance to take part in association meetings once or twice a year, archaeological workshops and communal excavation and clearance work.
  • Have free entry to the castle – at our opening times during the week and on castle Sundays – and reduced entrance fees to all other events at the Ehrenburg.
  • Find themselves in the company of many like-minded individuals who are convinced that this important witness to our history must be preserved for future generations.